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Fastheads deals exclusively in Motocross cylinder heads and valve train components for all brands. We offer world class precision seat machining, modifications, porting repairs, and general head servicing. Our seat and guide machine uses the latest high-tech tooling designed for high RPM multi-valve race heads. Our primary goal is to achieve incredible reliability with reduced valve train wear and increased power. This is accomplished by using high-tech alloys and DLC type coatings along with very precise machining for perfect valve to seat concentricity. Each head can be custom designed to suit you needs and includes everything from full race Super Cross cylinder heads, to extreme endurance trail and desert cylinder heads, along with economical solutions. We work with racers, dealers, teams, and riders all over the world.

Competitive Pricing!

Our prices are very competitive so don’t hesitate to call. Our knowledge alone can save you thousands of dollars in expensive repairs. Hi-tech doesn’t always mean expensive. We have cut our expenses by specializing in head services and can pass that saving on to you!

New Heads Available!

Completely assembled and ready to bolt on. Custom built to suit your riding demands. Trail endurance and full race; check out the store for more details.
Full line of OEM and aftermarket head and engine parts available.

Why Use Us Over Your Local Shop?

Old school methods of seat face cutting or grinding, and valve guide repairs will not work with these high RPM motors. Many shops and even auto machine shops try, but end up ruining the head. We fix a lot of failed attempts. It takes very precise and expensive equipment, plus new machining skills to keep these heads within specs (as close as tenths of a thousandths). Poor non-concentric machining, worn seats and valves result in very hard starting, excessive wear , broken valves, poor performance, and extremely hard to tune in. Most automotive machining centers, motorcycle dealerships and repair shops are not capable of this type if precision head work. It is the difference between working on a F1 race motor compared to a commercial automotive engine!

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