Our 90 Day Abandonment Policy is as follows: After 90 days of no contact from customer with either payment plan, payment, update on service requested, request of ship back, or request for longer time to make payment, we will consider the parts abandoned and dispose of parts as we see fit. We will try to contact you in all ways we have (phone and/or email) to let you know that you are either past 90 days or getting close. We will offer a grace period to hear back from you with an update. If we do not hear back from you within that grace period or time frame that you choose, we will no longer contact you about said parts and consider the parts abandoned. We hope our loyal customers understand. There are many options for you, please just give us a call. We are willing to work with you and understand that sometimes, it can be too much at the moment.

Thank you-
Fastheads Management.