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Gentleman, Send us Your Engines!

Brent Kirk dba Racers ER / offers 42  of experience in building professional motocross motors.  Our primary business is 4-Stroke head machining and repair.

Our mission and focus is to offer you the most professional, fastest and economical engine rebuilding service on the planet.  We do thousands of dirt bike engine and heads every year and are one of the largest mail order style dirt bike service centers in the country.

We also offer big bores, cams, porting and  all other engine and head mods including supermini packages.

For basic pricing and list of services please click the Engine or Head tab above. Click on products and go to our Ebay store for rebuild tools, shim kits, and lots of dirt bike engine parts.  Call us direct for your order anytime.

Sooner or later you will need your engine or head machined or completely rebuilt.
Please keep us in mind. 435-668-7776

Racer’s E.R.  was built on the the premise that in order to offer an perfect service one has to specialize and stay focussed on their personal area of study and passion. Our’s just happens to be high end motorcycle engine development especially super high quality head work using current race engine technology.  We are also committed to professional business and customer service. With the invent of the internet and fast affordable shipping services we have built one of the most professional and quickest mail order engine repair business in the powersorts industry. Our theme is built around emergency room style service (E.R.) or Engine Rebuiding.
We offer complete rebuilds for engines or individual components.  Whatever you don’t want to attempt yourself.  Such as heads, cranks, lower ends,  case replacement and transmission work, etc. on both 2 and 4 stroke engines.  We put your engine components back to stock or your modified specs.  We rebuild a lot of modified engines and have seen and taken a lot of specs from many of the big name performance companies and factories.  We can modify your engine copying specs that we know work for a lot less money sense your not paying for a race team or a name.
You may be asking yourself, can’t most mechanics work on these new engines?  I don’t want to knock the dealership were you bought your bike or the back yard mechanic down the street but think of it like this.  If you owned and raced a formula one race car would you take it to the same mechanic that works on your family jelopy?  The new four strokes are basically 1/8 of a formual one engine.
The new Four Strokes! Head design is what has made it possible for 4-strokes to compete powerwise against the 2-strokes.  We use the latest head machining technology and can easily restore your lost power.  Most shops try to use their old valve seat grinding and cutting methods and ruin the seats.  Most of the time they just install a set of new valves and call it good.  That doesn’t work on the high performance high RPM titanium valve head setups of todays race engines.  The seats in the head should be serviced and the valves replaced just about everytime you do a top end and especially if you have reduced the shim size by .004″, or two shim sizes.  Most of us in off road racing are use to the 2-Strokes.  Would you do a top end on a 2-Stroke without replacing the rings or replating a damaged bore?  Thats similar to overlooking your valves and seats.  We use the newest Rottler SG7 seat and guide machine with specially made tooling for a perfectly concentric race seats.  Please find out more about our services under the Head Repair setting.